‘Buddy’ I didn’t know what this word precisely meant until I heard someone calling me buddy every day and that person gifted me the most beautiful bond of my life called friendship. Yes, I’m talking about my best friend and no, she’s not my age. This friendship made me realize that ” age is just a number, bonding matters a lot.”
I think friendship is a sweet responsibility that we carry throughout our lives. And sometimes we do it the dumb way. We go out of our way to annoy them but they still manage to deal with us every single time. A buddy is like a human diary that listens to our madness without judging and always lets us know that the person is always there when we need them. We don’t always say it out loud but we notice every time that one person standing by our side, we can feel that care and see those efforts. It isn’t the red ribbon that binds us together but a peculiar seed. No matter the season, the weather, not the time of the day. When we plant a nourishing soul, it’ll always bear fruits. This bond knows no genetics.
Our buddy is the only person who has the ability to make us smile without even trying. It’s the one person we know we can share everything with, to whom we can annoy anytime, with whom we can limit our sorrows and double our joys, also sometimes who scolds us for our good, the one with whom we make the best memories of our lives. A person who knows our secrets, the real us.
Having this one person is one of the prettiest parts of life. So, here’s to that buddy, You’re the light to my dark, Thank you for being you!
“It’s like the people we meet by accident are often the ones who become an important part of our lives.”

– Ekta Paliwal

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