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Maybe it’s not a justification,
If I give to every alphabet an explanation.
Yet if I want to express myself for my Shraddha Di,
She has always helped me to set myself and my emotions free.

The first alphabet “S” in her name stands for success,
Her personality depicts it clearly through every essence.

Then the upcoming “H” means happiness,
That’s what she is for me; My Happiness!

The next letter is “R” which goes with the adjective ravishing,
That’s what her smile is; extremely beautiful and the cutest.

The one which stands next is “A” and it calls itself as awesome,
Because my sister is amazing in everything; basically, she’s The Best!

The next is “D” and that’s for her persona; that is dynamic,
She is a down-to-earth person from her heart’s core.

Yet the another “D” is for her dedication,
Her eyes have that glow to learn and attain more.

The one which awaits to arrive is “H” and that’s for humbleness,
With feathers on her cap of achievements she has always been kind.

Beautifying the end comes “A” which shows how adorable she is,
I have her constant support and that helps me to avoid negative energy to enter my mind.

Yes, this is how my lovely sister is; simply perfect always,
To every dark corner she is like the bright beautiful Sun rays!

Hetvi Patel

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  1. Linta Tomson

    Wonderfully written 💎✨

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