Hi, Eighteen!


She whispered, so curiously feeling excited for the next day, hugging the pillows on the bed & explaining herself.
Tomorrow I will get 18, A new step to new life. I can give the wings of my dreams to fly & my passion to go so high.

With a beautiful smile she woke up, the sun was kissing her eye & it was so different glow.
She looked like a beautiful box kept next to her bed with the title” For The Birthday girl “. Her happiness knew no bound & she opened ;
kept inside which spoke as: ” My dear child,
Now you will be bound with so many decisions of your life, family care & new responsibilities.
Think before u speak & act.
Your limits will grow & make your dreams blow.
No childish act & future plans on own.
Anything against the opinion of elders won’t be taken trouble-free.
A meeting which will decide best for your upcoming days.””
This time those random thoughts of her were no more to be explained but dwell deep down inside.
Tears falling down her cheeks spoke to her ” You are no more to be real; Start growing as fake”. And the girl with so many new vibes remained quiet.
No matter it murdered her preference, back with a smile ;
she wore the anklet & stepped towards the new journey but still new…
It echoed “Its Life “.

– Joyous Jaya Rauniyar

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