Journey of the Harry Potter begins

  • Book Name – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
  • Author – J.K Rowling
  • Average Rating – 5 / 5



The extraordinary journey into the wizarding world begins, when Harry Potter, the boy who lived, was dropped at his maternal Aunt’s step.

Harry Potter & the Dursley family (Image by Dwelling on Dreams)

For thirteen years, Harry gets bullied by his cousin, Dudley, and his gang. Harry grows up to be a rather lean and malnutrition boy compared to other members of the family. He was known for weird things occurring around him. Harry could never get any sense of whatever happened around him.

Till his 13th Birthday. On the thirteen birthday, a huge man arrives at him with a letter from the Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. The huge man who calls himself Hagrid(gamekeeper and Keeper of Keys and Grounds of Hogwarts), announces to Harry’s great surprise that he, Harry is a wizard. His parents were the ones as well. And Harry was admitted to the wizard school at the time of his birth itself.

To Harry’s annoyance, his uncle and aunt always knew all the facts about him but never allowed to him and stuck to the story of his parent’s death in a car crash. Everything started to settle, weird things happening. It all did make sense.

Harry Potter left for the Wizards School and began his journey towards the end.

Rubeus Hagrid

Harry enters the wizarding world for the first time and he was famous. Everyone in the wizarding world knew him and his famous boult-shaped scar on his forehead.

After, his arrival into the wizarding world, he gets exposed to the fact that his parents were killed by the darkest and most evil wizard of the time, Lord Voldemort. None in the wizarding world dares to use his name, everyone called him, ‘You Know Who.’

Harry was the only one who had ever survived the killing curse and somehow You Know Who disappeared after the event. And that is what made him famous. And gained him the title, the boy who lived.

After his arrival at the Hogwarts School, Harry instantly picks his friend and rival, Ronald Weasely and Draco Malfoy respectively.

“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.

Ron and Harry both become the best of friends and spend almost all their time together. Teachers loved Harry, except the dark arts teacher, Professor Snape. Harry gets the impression that the teacher hated him the most for some unknown reason. And never left an opportunity to humiliate and punish him and his friends.

Harry and Ron become friends with Hagrid, the gamekeeper, and Keeper of Keys and Grounds of Hogwarts. They would visit him regularly and Hagrid gets fond of them as well. But there was a sudden transition when Malfoy tricks Harry and Ron to come out of bed at midnight and informs the caretaker. To escape the punishment, Harry, and Ron along with the brightest student Hermoine get to the third floor of the building and find out that there was a three-headed dog guarding a trap door.

Then on the day of Halloween, there was a troll trespassing into the dungeons of the school which detours towards the girl’s toilets, where Hermoine was crying after Ron behaved rudely to her.

The trio (Harry, Ron & Hermoine)
To save Hermione, Harry and Ron get into the Girl’s bathroom and knock down the big ugly troll. Eventually, the three of them become friends. Hermoine owns ups their mistake to spare them from punishment.

Harry notices a wound on professor Snape’s leg and he was limping. Harry believes that Snape had been trying to get through the trap door, the three-headed beast has been guarding.

In an unusual event, Harry notices Professor snape bullying his colleague that whether he has figured to get through the trap door. Harry panicked and talk to Ron and Hermoine about what he saw. They seek help from the Gamekeeper but he denies the fact that any of the professors would do anything like that.

So, he takes matters into his hand and decides to go through the trapdoor himself and stop Snape from getting whatever was hidden there. But there occurs a shocking turn of events. Harry couldn’t believe it. But he realizes that he had exposed himself to the most dangerous situation.

Telling more wouldn’t be fair to the books. So, to know the whole situation in which Harry ends up himself and his Friends. Read the book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Get it from the link below.


Although, I hardly read any Fantasy novels and my read list in the genre is limited to the Harry Potter & The Lord of the Rings Series.

I had never read a single Fantasy novel before Harry Potter. I was never gonna read it either, but then my friend who is a hardcore Potter Head and Madly into Harry Potter Movies. She used to catch people and asked them to watch Harry Potter movies. So, she could have a partner to discuss it with. She forcefully made me watch the start of the first movie and it engrossed me. This happened some four years back and today, I’m a Potter Head myself. Watching the movies, was enthralling, and then she told me that the real fun is reading the books and then I got hooked to the book.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is marvelous because of its plotline, it is simply written yet extraordinary in its own manner. The plot is so entwining that one could never have time to stop thinking about it. And the events take place so drastically that knowing it’s fantasy everyone believes it’s happening right now in front of their eyes and they want to help.

The best thing about J.K Rowling’s writing is that her words are easy to understand for a fifth-grade kid and Sophisticated at the same time. She knows how to keep her readers on the edge all the time. She is a master of cliffhangers. And she does it deliberately. So the reader craves for the next chapter till the end and till the last page of the series.

But there are people like me who keep believing that she would have a way to bring Harry Potter and Ron, back.

“Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself.”


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