The First Success

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Today’s accomplishments were yesterday’s impossibilities…

Narayni Singh

What the first success feels like – Like rays in the dark!
Let me tell you an exciting story about a boy :
A long time back I met a guy a little confused – amusing & very charming.
He always said, “There is nothing I could achieve.”
I gave him dreams, but he never wanted to think of them because he was not assured that he would crack them.
I assured him that things take time; success takes time.
Little things add up every day that make up an achievement.
Success doesn’t come in a night.
He remains confused
Days passed, and he kept working
He strived but failed every time…
One day after an interview, he was selected for the position he wanted, he dreamt of.
Wonder How?
He never gave up on things and ascended every single time again; He learned from his mistakes
Then after that, he made sure that he achieved whatever he wanted in his life.
Hence, Today’s Accomplishments were yesterday’s impossibilities…
Just work hard and never forget after a failure. R.I.S.E
Have you ever thought about ice?
How could 1 degree Celsius of heat affect the boiling of water?
But, at a change of 1 degree celsius from 99 to 100, the change makes water boil.
Maybe you are at 99 degrees celsius and just an effort of another one degree gets you what you want.
He conquered his doubt.
He conquered his fear, and so he conquered failure.

An article by Narayani Singh

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