The Lady, Her Husband And His Father


A short story by AJ Felix

I sat in my sitting room this afternoon, relaxed on my couch, crunching on some snacks, eyes fixed on my TV screen, watching the best production Tv (since its invention) has had to offer, SpongeBob SquarePants when my phone rang. It was Emerald calling. I was overwhelmed with surprise because if I were to write a list of the last 20 people I expect a call from, Emerald’s name would be missing.

Considering she dumped me 2 years ago for a  ‘more promising future’ man, I didn’t expect she would still be using the same number. I answered the call and upon hearing the she-devil’s voice, all the emotions I’d been trying to put away for 2 years suddenly came alive.

‘I want to see you AJ. I’ll be at your place in about 45 minutes from now’ she started.

‘Lady! I’m not home’ I said in an unwelcoming tone.

Emerald knows me way too well. She knew I was lying and insisted on coming. Emerald as I last remember is a stubborn lady. She would sit outside my apartment if she comes and doesn’t meet me. I choicelessly told her to come.

I wonder what she wants‘ I thought to myself. ‘Abandoned me amidst our wedding preparations, got married a few months afterwards and thinks she can just come to see me on demand?’ I mouthed like a child reporting his wrong.

Almost an hour later, I heard a knock. It was her. I wish I don’t have to say this but I welcomed the she-devil into my home, offered her a seat and entertained her with my snacks. When she was a bit relaxed, she began: 

‘AJ, thank you for receiving me on short notice.’

‘If it was for me you wouldn’t be here. Trust me.’ I said as I leaned forward from where I sat to pour her a drink but was refused by her.

‘I understand your bitterness. After what I did to you…’ she attempted to explain but I interrupted her.

‘What do you want Emerald?’ I asked in impatience.

‘I’m sorry AJ. For how we ended’. She continued.

‘Is that why you’re here? To apologize? You should leave already. I have to meet with the guys shortly anyway’. I said with disgust clearly on my face.

Apparently, the ‘more promising future’ man she left me for was born into a family of gold and silver spoons parents and siblings. Soon after they got wedded, her husband’s father set up a business for her. He personal financed and oversaw the establishment of the business. He would get her clothes, things of luxury that even her husband wasn’t providing. One time she inquired why he  was being nice to her, he simply told her 

‘It’s a welcome package into the family.’

‘So did other wives and husbands get this same privilege when they newly got married?’ she had asked him.

‘Come on Emerald. I think what you mean to say is ‘thank you sir” he had concluded.

‘Of course. Thank you, sir”. She said seeing her didn’t want to further the conversation.

Since then, she never questioned his kind gestures. A year into the marriage, she was already set up financially and running her lucrative business. Howbeit, her husband’s father opened a partnership account for the business and made himself a signatory from the onset of the business. Although she wasn’t at rest with this, she couldn’t speak again about it because he did the establishment of the business. She was at that point in her career where she didn’t need to depend on her husband’s money or anyone’s money at all. It was like her husband was the breadwinner and she, the proud butter bringer. Albeit, she had to consult her business partner and obtain his approval to make some major moves on the account, she did not complain. 

It was at this time that he began making sexual attempts toward her. While she didn’t find this surprising, she wished he was being genuinely kind to her but was disappointed. He promised to get her established abroad if she would give in to his request. Though the offer sounded appealing, she refused to compromise her morality. She was, however, warned to refrain from speaking a word of this to her husband or else she would be forfeiting her business. She found no problem with keeping this away from her husband but his father was still insistent on his request. 

Three months ago, her husband travelled on a business trip and was to be away for 6 months. Unknown to them both, his father was the mastermind behind the business trip. For a while, everything seemed fine until her husband’s father came again, five months into his son’s trip with the same request. This time, he made a more enticing offer — presence abroad plus five million in dollars. This offers ‘disoriented’ her ‘proper reasoning’. She gave in after ensuring the money had been transferred to her business account. Unsmart her! Believing a lie from him that he had taken drugs against sperm fertility, she let him engage her without protection. 

It was a few days ago that she confirmed she was pregnant and when she told her husband’s father he told her to go for an abortion to which she disagreed. It violates her ‘morality’. He then told her to do whatever she likes. 

She now realizes the almost inescapable situation she is in. If she does anything stupid, her business partner will definitely disallow her access to the business account and he could just deny it if she told his son. For her to make enough money for her personal account, it would take months, by then, the pregnancy would be apparent and her husband is just a few weeks from returning.

After the narration, Emerald asked amidst tears: ‘AJ, please what do I do now?’.

‘There’s always consequences Emerald. You just have to pay for leaving me. I’m going to see the guys. When you’re done weeping, lock my door. I’m sure you know where to leave the keys.’ I unsympathetically concluded and left the room. 

‘That is so cold. Bro, you seriously did that?’ Pojay, one of the guys I was narrating the story asked.

‘Not really! I haven’t heard from Emerald since she got married. But I think it would be cool if she goes through what I just narrated’. I said with a wicked smirk.

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