The world of Choice means, the choices you make for yourself, whether it to be a reader or a writer. To wait for the change to take place or invest yourself to make the change. It’s all about the choice.

Choices & Priorities matters the most

Hello, I’m Shravan Pandey. I’m an author and my debut novel #ATROUBLEDBOY was released in October 2022. It took me almost 2 years to complete the whole writing process and then I thought, “As my job of completing the manuscript is done, Now I would relax.’

But back then, I was innocent to understand the fact that the main struggle starts right after the manuscript is finalized And it hit me hard, my manuscript was rejected by almost all the valued publishing houses and self-publishing was asking for a huge sum, I couldn’t afford.

Our Mission

Since I had invested a lot of time in making the dream and I wanted it to come true. Eventually, I did invest an amount to get it published and the hassles started from the day. I won’t take the publishing house name but they were amateur and ruined the experience of my first book.

All the money I had was already invested. So, I had no choice but to settle for what I’ve got. After four-month and no proper support from the publishing, I flipped and cancelled the contract and started my own publishing company – BOOKRAK PUBLISHING.

I started the company but don’t have much capital to publish other books. And I don’t want to ask the authors to pay either. So, I decided to come up with the TWOC (The World of Choice) Blog with the thought that in today’s time on the Internet why don’t people just share stories on the internet?

  • It would pocket friendly as millions and millions of stories could be shared with minimum expense.
  • It would be eco-friendly as not many trees would have to be cut down for paper
  • One could achieve a global readership
  • It would be easy for readers as well as they could read anytime, anywhere just having access to the internet.

Our Vision

  • We want to provide readers with quality stories to read.
  • To provide aspiring authors with a platform where they could tell their amazing stories to the world without any hassle of rejections.
  • To give writers the best experience when they see their content being shared or when people interact with them through comments.
  • Allow people across the globe to present their ideas to the world and connect with the world through writing.
  • Connecting people across the globe and contributing to building one ‘Writers Union.’