Dedicated to my one in million & forever BFF-Shweta!


I was in the dark when you entered my life like a beautiful soul feels like made for me one in million! In this world of selfishness, you helped me every single time.
You make me laugh when I am down
You helped in every ups and downs when no one was with me
I was broken I was shattered, you entered like a saviour for me
You were there, Always
I can’t express my feeling that how much I’m grateful to you
You are selfless
You are a pure soul
I remember you saying-“ Just Calm Down, I’m there with you”
You are the reason for all my achievements starting from the smallest ones to the best ones.
It’s so magical to be with you all my pain fades away
It’s a pure bond of love that we have and will stay forever
I have seen times where I have been aggressive but still, you never stopped adoring me like a little baby.
You are one in a million
I don’t need paradise because I have you
You are no less than that because the day entered you made my every single moment feel like heaven .
I’m grateful for everything and my love for you is eternal and pure.
I want to ding onto you
As my constant in this fast-paced world.
I wish we remain forever the same.
You are my sun, my moon, and all my stars
You are my better half & my human diary!
Cause all my friends to know my story but you have lived my story with me

Do you know why my heart sparkles?
Do you know why my eyes glitter?
It’s just because YOU
You are one in Million!

– Narayani Singh

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